Lord Skanda-Murugan

Above: Mataji Om Prakash Yogini and Brother Murugadas. Below: Rami Ashram is situated at the foot of a mountain having meditation caves, mandapams, pools and rushing streams.

Welcome to Śrī Ramji Ashram

Kumaracoil, Kanyakumari District

Śrī Ramji Ashram is a small rural ashram situated in the rugged southern tip of the Western Ghats at the foot of a mountain overshadowing Kumara Kovil, the ancient and renowned center of Murugan worship celebrated in song by Saint Arunagirinathar and others. Kumara Kovil is hardly ten minutes' walk from the ashram, while an invigorating climb will take one to mandapams, meditation caves and bathing pools overlooking a breathtaking panorama of lush countryside with the Arabian Sea visible in the distance.

Mataji Om Prakash Yogini has earned the respect of sadhakas and devotees from near and far for her guru bhakti towards Ramsuratkumar of Tiruvannamalai and unceasing efforts to energize the local community with divine consciousness. Brahmachari Brother Murugadas likewise has long been rendering yeoman service in administering the ashram and its programs in service of guru and community.

Location: Ramji Ashram is between Nagerkoil and Takkalai, not far from Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin). From Nagarcoil take bus 11-B directly to Kumaracoil. Otherwise take any bus going to Thakkalai and get down at Kumara Kovil Engineering College Junction and from there walk or take three-wheeler to Ramji Ashram.

Accommodation: Travellers are welcome to visit Śrī Ramji Ashram and enjoy the spiritual environment. Simple meals and short-term accommodation are available for sincere devotees, but one should phone or write before coming.

For information about Ramji Ashram activities, contact:

Mataji Om Prakash Yogini
Brother Murugadas
Śrī Ramji Ashram
Ram Nagar
Kumaracoil PO 629 180
Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu
Tel. 091 (04651) 52774

Devotees throng to Śrī Ramji Ashram on special occasions. Above: Mataji Om Prakash Yogini heads a procession of devotees to Kumara Koil Murugan temple. At Śrī Ramji Ashram one can learn the practices of Ram nam and guru bhakti.

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