Lord Skanda-Murugan

The Many Faces of Murukan:
The History and Meaning of a South Indian God

By Fred W. Clothey

Dr. Fred W. Clothey is a leader in the creation of the field of Ritual Studies and the pioneer of ethnographic fieldwork and documentation of religious practice in India. A distinguished scholar and documenter of ritual, Dr. Clothey is editor of five special issues of the Journal of Ritual Studies, author of some twenty articles and Tamil story translations and six books:

  1. Religion in India: A Historical Introduction (2004);
  2. Quiescence and Passion: The Vision of Arunakiri, Tamil Mystic (1996);
  3. Rhythm and Intent: Ritual Studies from South India (1983);
  4. Experiencing Siva: Encounters with a Hindu Deity, coeditor (1984, 2003);
  5. Images of Man: Religion and Historical Progress in South Asia, editor (1982); and
  6. The Many Faces of Murukan: The History and Meaning of a South Indian God (1978).

He is also producer/director of six documentaries:

  1. "Journey of Faith: Serbian Orthodox Americans in Pittsburgh" (1992);
  2. "Pilgrimage to Pittsburgh" (1990);
  3. "Consecration of a Temple (1979, 1990);
  4. "Pankuni Uttiram: A Festival of Marriage (1974);
  5. "Skanda-Sasti: A Festival of Conquest" (1973); and
  6. "Yakam: A Fire Ritual in South Asia" (1973).

The last three films are reproduced as "The Festivals Experience of South India" (1992). Dr. Clothey's current book projects are Ritualizing on the Boundaries: Tamils Away from Home and What's in a Festival? Studies of Bonalu in Hyderabad, editor.

  • Iconography of Skanda-Murukan
  • 'Iconography of Murugan' by Raju Kalidos
  • "Trimurti in Medieval South India"
  • "Iconography of Somaskanda"
  • "Palani Andavar Idol: A Scientific Study"
  • "Rare Image of Brahmasasta"
  • "Kinetic Iconography of Murukan"
  • The Iconography of Goddess Kaumārī
  • "Painting of Murugan, Subrahmanya or Karthikeyan"
  • "Significance of Kaumara Icons"
  • "Mailam Murukan temple"
  • "7th cent. Murukan image discovered"
  • "Vallakkottai Murukan Temple"
  • "Karttikeya Images of Ancient Java"
  • "Skanda Images in Ancient Cambodia"
  • "17 Iconographical Aspects of Subrahmanya"
  • 19th Century Bengali Watercolor of Karttikeya
  • Skanda upon Peacock, 11th-12th Cent Chola Granite
  • Galleries of Kaumara Iconography

  • Gallery One: Tiruvavaduthurai Adheenam
  • Gallery Two: 1920's - 40's collection
  • Gallery Three: early to late 20th century
  • Gallery Four: 1930-50 lithographs
  • Aru Padai Veedu paintings
  • Paintings of famous temple moolavars